Coaching Services

Career planning package
Deep dive questionnaire
4 one hour coaching sessions
DISC Profile
Investment: £490
Take stock of planning your career by working through the values that drive you, having an overview of your skills and experience, understanding your industry and setting actionable targets for your next steps.

This package will help you if you are planning a career move - including interview preparation, wanting to get unstuck in your current position or looking to up skill and transition to a new field.
Group coaching package for early career diplomats and international affairs professionals
8 week group coaching session
4 one hour group sessions
1 one hour one on one session
DISC Profile
Investment: £399 (10 spaces available)
Support via email or whatsapp for the duration of the 8 weeks. Sessions will focus on goal setting, work planning, leadership, values and beliefs and networking
All packages include a DISC personality profile and support via email for the duration this allows for feedback on goals and actions taken.
I work with you to:
  • Fast-track your career plan
  • Prepare for a promotion
  • Take on a management position
  • Balance professional and family commitments
  • Start a new role in a new country
  • Make a career change
  • Develop leadership skills
"Coaching is partnering with clients in a thought-provoking and creative process that inspires them to maximize their personal and professional potential."
-International Coaching Federation
  • Coaching with Niamh had a really positive impact on how I see my work, especially in the context of seeking promotions or further career opportunities. I got to reflect on my career in a more structured way.
    Niamh was very good at giving practical ways to re-examine how I prioritise my work.
    In terms of promotion preparation I am now much more confident in my approach. The DISC profile was extremely useful and enlightening.


    Diplomat, Moscow

  • I came to coaching with Niamh wanting to take the next steps forward in my career. Through coaching we clarified my goals and pro-actively addressed stumbling blocks on the way. I managed to set better priorities for myself and developed an action plan for each goal. Niamh guided and challenged me through the process, and I moved forward with preparing an application, applying for the position, and practicing interviews. Niamh shared helpful techniques that I am now using in my daily life. I took time to reflect and look inside myself and, as a result of the DISC personality test, I learned more about my personality type – which is very helpful when working with people. Without question, it was a very positive and valuable experience and my working life improved as a result of coaching. I am grateful to Niamh for this opportunity, guidance, and wisdom.


    Media Affairs, UN, New York.

  • One of my main goals when coming for coaching with Niamh was to up-level my career by focussing in on changing my daily habits and routine. Niamh really challenged me throughout our sessions and I was able to make significant progress in achieving way more in my working day and prioritising my health and wellbeing. Now that I have conquered a better daily routine I feel I can achieve anything I put my mind to.


    Business Development, London

  • I had a three month coaching package with Niamh. I came to her wanting to work on a number of career and personal goals. Through coaching I’ve learnt how to set up an accountability system to achieve and sustain my goals more quickly. I’ve learnt how to have successful outcomes and keep a focus on what is truly important to me. With Niamh, bigger goals were broken down and became achievable and more realistic. I have enjoyed the whole process, and now feel more confident and focused.


    Political Affairs professional, EUAM Ukraine

  • Coaching with Niamh allowed me to reflect on what I have achieved and what I want to improve in my career. I came to her with the aim of focussing on finding a new role. It provided me with a framework to set goals and think about strategies to achieve them. I was able to build confidence to explore and expand my network to look for a new role. I focussed on my CV, cover letter and interview techniques and honed in on creative ways to job hunt. Within a couple of months I have secured an interesting new role


    Project manager on China, Berlin

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